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A message from us to you. A reminder that YOU matter. Taking LIMINAL is an investment in you. And consistency pays off - in our community studies, we see participants taking LIMINAL every day see a reduction in symptoms within 30 days.

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5 reasons to track your symptoms
It’s Quick and Easy

Respond YES to sign up, and rate your symptoms once a week by text message

You’ll create good habits

Your weekly reminder to stop and think about how you feel

Unlock tailored support

Benefit from advice and tips that are tailored to your personal needs

Personalised report

See how your symptom scorings have changed over 4 weeks of taking MPowder

Enjoy maker benefits

As a thank you for helping us to fill the huge data gap in women’s health

Take control of your menopause journey

Only 2% of public health funding goes towards female health, with a tiny amount of that focused on menopause. So we know very little about a lifestage that affects 51% of the population!

By tracking your symptoms with us, we can help you to find the right tools to nourish your unique and brilliant body and mind. In return, your annonymised insight helps us to innovate - and help more and more women.

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Help Centre

Why should I track my symptoms?

We know that new habits can be hard to create. So we built a tracker to make this easier for you! Once a week, we'll ask you to stop and take stock of how you feel, taking a moment out of life to think about yourself.

A reminder to measure the effects of LIMINAL as you take it for the first month will help you create a new habit. And we'll keep you motivated along the way, with extra tips that are personalised based on your responses.

How do I sign up?

You'll recieve an SMS from us almost immediately after placing your first order.

To sign up, you reply YES. Then we'll send you a welcome survey to complete.

Why do I need to complete the survey?

The answers you give in the survey set the baseline for how your symptoms have been before starting to take LIMINAL.

We will compare this to the ratings you submit over the following four weeks, so that you can assess how much LIMINAL is helping you. You will be able to see the comparison in the report we send you at the end of the month.

How does the Symptom Tracker work?

Every Sunday for 4 weeks, we'll send you a text message that asks you to rate your symptoms. All you need to do is reply with your scores, so that we can compare how these change week by week.

We monitor your progress and we act on the changes we see. Because we're here to support your journey with encouragement - sharing insider tips & information to help & inspire you. We'll also suggest to connect 1to1 with our Health Concierge, if we think you may benefit from it.

How can I tell if LIMINAL works for me?

When we share your results at the end of the month, you will be able to see how your symptom ratings have changed over your first four weeks of taking LIMINAL. Most participants see a reduction in their key symptoms over a 30 day period.

What if my symptom scores have not improved?

Although we see most tracker participants experience a reduction in their key symptoms over a 30 day period, if that's not you, our Health Concierge is here to work through with you why that may have happened.

Can I use the symptom tracker if I bought LIMINAL from another retailer?

Our symptom tracker is for everyone who is taking LIMINAL, regardless of the retailer you have purchased it from. We are here to support all our customers on their journey, so just drop us an email at healthconcierge@mpowder.store , and we'll be very happy to sign you up!

What if I've purchased your Discovery pouch, which only covers a 15-day period?

We offer access to our symptom tracker with daily pouch purchases and subscriptions, because we know from our tracking data that to see the full benefit of our powders you need to take them for a month.

You may want to think about purchasing a further pouch to cover the duration of a month so that you can benefit of fully from both our symptom tracker service and the results of our powders.


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