Abi Adams

Health Mentor and Functional Kinesiologist

Abi Adams is a female health mentor, liberating your emotional landscape from worn out feelings and habits toward greater health as a woman.

Abi combines kinesiology and her vast knowledge in movement to address fitness, female health related symptoms, energy levels, stress and emotional stability. She has supported women with PCOS, endometriosis, and perimenopause. As well as women wanting more from their health and greater relationships with their bodies.

Abi takes you out of your label by addressing the stress that’s taking you further from your health so you can relax into the beautiful body you were born with. Abi is ridiculously passionate about raising the bar on feminine health and has been on a fascinating and enriching journey to expand her skills and knowledge that has enabled her to create a unique way of living in harmony as a woman. Abi is a trained movement coach in disciplines such as yoga, chakra therapy, calisthenics, strength training, animal movement as well as Thai massage and Functional Kinesiology.

She has studied with an elective bunch of awesome souls from Anodea Judith, The Red School, Vishva Ktu, Stacy Sims, Phil Richards, Cameron Shayne (Budokon) and Carlos Tao to feed her fascination of the emotions, the body and female physiology.