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Why community is critical to a good menopause.

20 Jul, 2021

Last week’s Big Read looked at the distinct shift in mindset we often experience as we transition through menopause. And the messages we absorb at key moments in our lives that can inform the way we view midlife and beyond.

20 Jul, 2021

When trialling MPowder Meno-Boost with our Makers we saw, first hand, the impact of years of limited (or, for many in our group, the entire absence of) support for menopause symptoms. Many had been ‘in it’ for years. Enduring debilitating symptoms. From hair loss to whole body aches, exhaustion and hot flashes that impacted on work and intimacy.

And the difficulty, when you’re feeling so low, is finding the energy to fight your corner. The energy to try new things. Because so much didn’t work until this point.

And, although we’re thrilled by the results we saw for our blend’s performance in the trial (89% of participants seeing significant improvements is a stat we’re very proud of!) - what we also recognise is the power of community. It’s why we place so much value on it.

Community first.
Co-creation second.

The very best communities lift you gently, almost imperceptibly, at first. And then, as you grow in energy and confidence and health, they allow you to gift on your learnings, to lend your weight to another’s emergence. Communities collect real stories - not the media polish. And, as critically, also not the media drama. Real stories, however hard at times, always contain hope.

But businesses don’t ‘make communities’. You do. The individuals that make products and programmes with us. That subscribe to our newsletter and send us feedback when we touch you, or point you to something that you’re glad you’ve found. You, that track the impact our blends have on your symptoms so we can continue to improve (Our goal? 100% of you feeling good 100% of the time!). You share. You accept the silences too. And, together, we’re changing what midlife and menopause means. For each of us. And the women that follow.

So thank you for staying curious. And, if you’re looking for support - or simply to discuss how you’re feeling right now, and what may help you return to ‘good’, know we’re here. You just have to drop us a line.

Thank you too to Delivery Rank, for their feature on our business and our ambition for the future.


With love, the MPowder Team.


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