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What exactly ‘is’ Naturopathy? And why is it so valuable in midlife?

29 Nov, 2023

Have you ever wondered about the difference between naturopathy and nutrition? It’s an important distinction for us at MPowder.

29 Nov, 2023

Why? Because, our naturopathic ethos informs everything we do. From the way we approach smart supplementation to our emphasis on ‘layering’ up, inviting you to explore a broad set of science-backed tools to navigate midlife. It sets us apart from pretty much every other supplement company too!

So what is naturopathy? And what does it mean for you?

The discipline of naturopathy is explicitly rooted in a focus on the interconnectedness of body and mind and the compound benefit of layering up science-backed practices to create personalised plans that look at your history and the way you’re living right now.

Naturopaths will explore nutrition, lifestyle modifications, herbal medicine and western medical protocols. They’ll look at the most ‘supported’ complementary disciplines like acupuncture, CBT, EFT and cognitive behavioural therapy. You’ll often find them working alongside medical practices that are increasingly recognising (and witnessing) the increased efficacy of prescriptions when introduced alongside complementary interventions.

The discipline places great emphasis on ‘client-empowered’ protocols; afterall, the best change happens when you are curious and able to work out what really works for you.

What happens when you add Herbalism to the mix?

At MPowder, our naturopathic lens is enhanced further by our belief in the power of plants and deep experience in their prescription. Our blends harness the latest research into their use for therapeutic purposes. Each formula is evidence-informed: based on the potential seen in the lab and in the field. We’re able to go beyond vitamins and mineral mixes offered by most supplement brands to harness the potential of the leaves, roots, flowers and seeds of botanicals at a time when the West is finally investing research funds in better understanding them too.

So, if you want to know everything about Ashwagandha, why there is so much noise around nootropics or what makes blending red clover with slippery elm so efficacious, we’ve got you! And in the coming weeks, we’re going to be sharing more of the exciting findings from both our own efficacy studies and clinical trials across the globe too.

Our end goal - with the community we curate with, and for you - is to provide easy access to the best botanical formulations and the best practitioners working in complementary fields too. And we are incredibly proud of the phenomenal experts we get to collaborate with every day.

Because, as a company driven by a belief in the power of a whole body and mind approach, we know it’s not just what we ‘make’, it’s the decisions you take. Apply a curious mind. Listen to the voices of balance. Apply rigour to every thing you do. If it makes you feel better, keep it up. If it doesn’t, move forward to something new.

With love, Rebekah & the MPowder Team.

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