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Weight management and menopause.

9 Aug, 2021

‘Just like you’re not defined by menopause, your worth is not measured by bathroom scales’.

9 Aug, 2021

We are very lucky to collaborate with some of the most experienced nutritionists, dieticians, health coaches, life coaches and naturopaths in the menopause space. It also means that we get to listen to different perspectives on what is a complex and emotionally charged topic for many of us; midlife weight gain and changes in body shape.

Our hormones affect every single cell in our body, including our gut. And hormone imbalance can often result in changes to how we absorb nutrients and metabolise energy at this lifestage. As we transition through menopause, many of us will find that food that we used to eat without a second thought suddenly causes discomfort and bloating. Or a diet that used to keep us a consistent weight suddenly sees us piling on pounds.

External stressors play a significant role too. Perhaps that is why weight gain is causing the biggest concern in our community right now.

What strikes us most is the self loathing that accompanies any conversation about weight. Too often we forget that our bodies are bio-chemically changing. That it is not ‘our fault’. Weight gain does not make us less valuable.

There are tools to help. But the most important first step is to be kind with yourself. Because, that body you feel angry with for rebelling has got you this far. It has carried you through perhaps 50% of your life. It has kept you vital. And in the last 16 months it has kept you safe during a global pandemic.

Be gentle. Perhaps take a little time to think through what tools feel right for you, right now, to support you in nourishing rather than punishing your body.

With this in mind, we’ve pulled together a few of our favourite journal interviews with members from our expert team. From learning how your hormones learning how to get a better night’s rest. We know you’ll find real nuggets of wisdom inside.


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Lifestyle changes

One of the most valuable tools to combat weight gain is actually sleep. Dr Kat Lederle is one of the leading experts in the field of sleep therapy today - and holds a PhD in Human Circadian Physiology and Behaviour, and an MSc in Biosciences. Check her top sleep tips below.

Top tips on transforming your relationship with sleep, with Dr Kat Lederle. Read More

How we frame menopause, the stories we inherit..all contribute to how we’ll experience it. And this includes weight. Step into the coaching world of the wonderful Henny Flynn, for her reflections on her own menopause journey, and what she wishes her younger self had known.

'You have two lives, and your second one begins when you realise you only have one'. Read More


Just like you’re not defined by menopause, you’re not defined by your body shape. Tread gently. Give yourself time. But know that all you want for part 2 of this adventure is accessible. And, if you need additional support or a conversation with one of our expert team, you can contact them direct HERE.

With love, the MPowder Team.

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