The Great Reappearing Act.

How to reframe menopause at work as a stepping up point, not a fading away.

The UK is leading the world in menopause conversations. Yet amongst those that will experience menopause there is a growing concern that an increased focus on the challenges of the lifestage could in fact be holding progress back. How do we ensure Menopause Policies at Work…work?

Rebekah Brown, founder of


Rebekah Brown is a narrative research specialist (collector of stories) and the founder of the vibrant midlife community and powdered supplement range, MPowder. Launched in 2020 in response to her own messy menopause journey, today it is a unique co-creation community of over 40k people. MPowder's ambition is to make midlife a superpower by providing an inclusive space where individuals can evaluate interventions, expert insight, personal stories and emerging research; where the wisdom we carry in our bones about our biology is recognised, where science and traditional medicine are both respected- and where we have agency to select our own path to part 2.

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