A Natural Supplement Remedy Formulated for Perimenopause

Our natural wholefood supplement harnesses latest research to target perimenopause symptoms. Targeting anxiety, bloating, fatigue & more with our powerful perimenopause superblend.
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Award winning supplementation for Perimenopause
Targets: Anxiety, Bloating, Hormone Balance, Skin Elasticity, Sleep, Fatigue, Joint Ache & more
Our unique Biostage-Complex
29 wholefoods, vitamins, minerals and botanicals
7g of vegan protein in just 101 calories
Boosting you with good stuff to start your day
Naturally filling with wholefoods
For optimum nutrient absorption
No fillers, artificial flavours or sweeteners
Only room for honest, functional foods and botanicals
No animal-based vitamin sources
100% plant-based and Certified by The Vegan Society
No added sugar
Only what nature intended

Built on science, verified by community

Many of our customers use alongside HRT

Free from artificial sweeteners

Certified by The Vegan Society


29+ science-backed wholefood-led ingredients
“I was 45 when I entered peri-menopause. Night sweats. Heightened anxiety about stuff I used to do relatively confidently in the past. A lot of anger. Bloating. Oh, and a nice dose of random skin breakouts!”

Rebekah Brown
Founder, MPowder

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