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What do life’s transitions really feel like? Welcome to LIMINAL.

10 Jul, 2024

‘We often forget that what gets us to our destination is all the in-betweens’.
Rebekah Brown, founder of LIMINAL, formerly MPowder.

10 Jul, 2024

Those of you that have been part of our journey from the beginning know that, first and foremost we are a community. Your stories, your challenges, your experiences  drive our direction of travel. And your feedback has enabled us to create multi-award winning products and programmes together, too.

Today marks another milestone in our collaboration. 

Following hundreds of conversations about what this transitional life stage really feels like for you, MPowder has a new name. 

You told us that the growing conversation about midlife, although appreciated, focuses too much on physical symptoms;

“This life stage impacts everything. Focusing on just our biology is reductive”.

(MPowder Research, March 2024)

You also told us that the words associated with this transition are unhelpful at best, and misleading at worst.

‘Menopause is so loaded with negativity. I don’t recognise what I associate it with, with what is happening to me’.

(MPowder Research, August 2023)


‘I’m tired of the angry debates about HRT…or not HRT…or how much HRT..and from where, about the good and bad of everything. We’re all different. This should be about encouraging agency’.

(MPowder Research, September 2023)


Welcome to LIMINAL.

LIMINAL: lim·i·nal 

LIMINAL means the space between one phase ending and the start of something new. The gap between ‘what was’ and ‘what’s next’. And it conveys so well the way so many of us feel in menopause. It can be frightening, destabilising, exhausting, liberating, exciting; filled with uncertainty and huge potential too. It’s where we learn how to nourish our bodies and minds. 

Ultimately, LIMINAL is where good change happens. And where, with the right support, protocols and practices, we become all we can be. 

‘The person I am now is very different to the person I was at 43. I’m ready for all that will happen next. Of all I can be’.

(MPowder Research, September 2023)

We are here for all of it. From innovative, highly efficacious supplements to our monthly Masterclass programmes exploring everything from HRT to CBT, CBD and cold water therapy. From partnerships with the very best experts in their field, to access to our Health Concierge Team, whenever you need.

As a sustainable company, dedicated to minimising waste across all areas of our business, MPowder will remain on our packaging and printed material for a while. Know too that, when our pouches are updated, the formulas you trust and love, will remain the same.

So, here’s to reframing menopause and laying the  foundations for a phenomenal Part 2. And here’s to embracing the LIMINAL space, together.

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