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The art of ageing unapologetically

2 Aug, 2021

In conversation with Dee Boomkens, photographer & storyteller.

2 Aug, 2021

Did you know that, at the last count, just 19% of the experts called upon by the media were women? And that, across media channels and topics, women’s perspectives, stories...presence stands at 24%. An increase of 7% in 10 years. According to the World Economic Forum, if we continue at this pace, it will take roughly half a century to reach gender balance.


Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture’. Allen Ginsberg.


This matters because it is bad for our health. The less we see of ourselves, the less we see for ourselves. The less we are heard. It limits our influence. It suppresses diversity. And it slows the reframing of womanhood that is happening, right now, at a grass root level.

Which is why, whenever we talk to women in our community at the start of their menopause journey - when the noise is negative and the future feels frightening - we suggest a media detox. We recommend the spaces where media do see us and celebrate us.

Dee Boomkens, AndBloom, Bloomers

And it is also why we were so thrilled to host world famous photographer and storyteller Dee Boomkens. Her instagram feed, And Bloom began as a personal exploration of what it meant to age. As a model she grew up in a world focused on youth, perfection - and the outside. As she approached her 40th birthday, she began to feel increasingly uncomfortable with her industry. And her own inherited attitudes. The result is a series of phenomenal portraits and personal stories and reflections from the women she photographs. And a world wide movement that inspires thousands of women in midlife every day.

Dee’s work is at the heart of grass root revolution. We’re changing what ageing means. And we’re changing what it looks like. We’re playing with the blue eyeshadow. And it looks good!

To listen to our conversation in full click HERE.

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With love, the MPowder Team.

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