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Going small to deliver big & the power of community in building ‘right’

3 Sep, 2023

As most of you know, the last few months have been a period of incredible growth at MPowder. Infact, over the bank holiday we sold out entirely across every product in our range! This newsletter has grown at pace too! Tens of thousands of you now receive our midlife musings each weekend! - often emailing us back with your own reflections - which I love and will always respond to (so, more of those please!).

We’re a brand built on lived experience. So I wanted to use this week’s note to - first and foremost - say thank you. Your recommendations help others find us. And this is so important.

3 Sep, 2023

Menopause can hit us sideways. And bring some of us to our knees. When we reach the point where we can no longer simply ‘push on through’, we need a way to cut through the noise and over-promise to solutions that may genuinely make a difference. It’s the real stories, from people we trust, that give us the confidence to try something new.

But, for us, growth means the opportunity to learn more too.

The truth is, there simply isn’t enough research into female health. And even less invested in menopause. So we’re filling that data health gap ourselves. One person at a time.

The reason we sell out sometimes is simple. We know the value of producing in small batches. Every production run gives us the opportunity to assess the tracking data you share, the feedback we receive into our health concierge team and the consultations we offer with our naturopathic experts. We are able to respond nimbly, tweaking our blends, refining our formulas - and ultimately delivering smarter supplements and services to you.

It may not make traditional business sense. But we’re not a traditional business. Because you drive all we do.

The good news is we will be shipping again from the 25th September.

We’ve also got a ‘thank you for your patience’ (!) pre-order offer running which means, if you don’t subscribe to our blends, you can reserve your next pouch, for less too.

BUT, if you’re running low now - please do check out this link. It gives you a list of our brilliant retail partners who may still have stock - and is updated twice a week. Then, as always, if you have any issues, drop us a line, and we’ll get right back to you.

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