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2024 has to be about a healthy dose of ‘more’

31 Dec, 2023

How was 2023 for you? How have you felt in your body and mind? How supported have you felt as you navigate menopause? At work, at home, in society? 

31 Dec, 2023

What new practices did you try? What new things will you ‘keep’? What practises will you retire? What no longer serves you well? 

Today inevitably brings the itch to set new intentions. My wish is that 2024 is about a healthy dose of ‘more’:

MORE time set aside for you:

This is non negotiable: Whether it is a 10 minute meditation at the start of the day, or 10 minutes at the day’s close to journal on what you feel grateful for, we can not run on fumes in midlife. Self care is not a luxury. Infact, the most powerful tools are often free.

MORE curiosity:

This has been a game-changer for me: Some voices in the menopause space would have us believe that there is a single blue-print to navigate it well. Whether it is HRT or a costly new pill. That they have the answer. And that, if you only listen to them, this transitory phase will be easy.  But menopause is a uniquely personal journey. As our hormones shift, we need to support our bodies differently too. As I head into post-menopause, I’ve found continuing to try new things to be invaluable to me. 

MORE nourishment:

2023 was the year the truth about Ultra Processed Food hit the mainstream. It was also the year that larger trials revealed the link between menopause and our metabolic rate and gut microbiota. Nutrition isn’t complicated. We know what our midlife bodies need. Focus on what you can add to nourish your body and mind rather than what you have to remove. Remember our biology is brilliant - and adaptable too. As you introduce more of the good things, your taste-buds will adjust to less sugar - and your body will no longer crave the quick fixes. 

MORE kindness:

Linked to some of the noise above on single paths in menopause, I’m flying the flag for kindness. It’s not fashionable. But we need it in today’s world more than ever. So, be kind to yourself. And to those that may not agree with you. Share your stories and learnings. And flex your empathy muscle to explore the lived experiences of those with an alternative view. 

MORE movement:

We’ve worked with some phenomenal personal trainers, yogis, strength trainers, pilates experts, cold water swimmers…and more this year. The red thread in messaging across each and every one of them? Something is better than nothing. Movement is about mental health and physical resilience. Move more, and the rest will follow.

With love to each of you on the eve of a new year of MORE community, collaboration and exploration too.

Rebekah and The MPowder Team.

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